Saturday, January 1, 2011

100 Words for $100 Blogfest Entry

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Elena @ You’re Write.  Except When You’re Rong is hosting a blogfest this month.  Write a 100 word sentence (give or take five words).  It doesn’t have to follow any particular theme or formula, just one long sentence and that’s it.  It’s perfect for those of us like me with short attention

This is my entry.  It’s exactly 100 words.  It’s not from anything, just wrote it for this.

0121091348aIt was on one of those blindingly bright January mornings for which a word like “cold” – a word used to describe a refreshing bottle of Bud on a hot afternoon, or day-old pizza, or that girl from the drum majors who unapologetically (and even a little cheerfully) rejected your prom invite louder than she needed to in the commons just after fifth period – just couldn’t come close to painting a picture, a day for which words like “blistering” and “frigid” were invented, a day in which the sun was little more than decoration, that Jack finally realized he loved Emily.


  1. "A day in which the sun was little more than a decoration" - nice! Beautiful picture to go with it, too.

  2. I love this sentence, and I think there was one rule for the fest. Only use one semi-colon, and you didn't use any. Bravo.

    Happy New Year, isn't the 3rd of Jan. 'the day' to query?


  3. Well executed! I also enjoyed the sun phrase. :)

  4. Oh very well done! I love the last line- you built it up well and it wasn't expected.

  5. Logged and entered. Thanks for joining!