Saturday, February 19, 2011

This is Totally My Idiom Blogfest Entry

blogfest buttonSorry I’m late, Delia.

It’s appropriate (or ironic, maybe) that I’m two days late posting my entry for a blogfest hosted by a blog titled Procrastination Rehabilitation.  I worked all day Thursday, then yesterday my dog had puppies.  But finally, here it is, and definitely not something worth waiting for.  At least it’s not long.  Oh, and there’s a little profanity in it, just so you know.

And the idiom in question should be obvious.


“Come on, Vince.  Don’t leave me hanging.” 

“Hanging, good one,” Vince said through a laugh without humor.  “You’re a funny guy, you know that?”

“Look, I’m sorry.  I fucked up.  I know that.  I’m really, really sorry.” 

“So how come you weren’t sorry ten minutes ago?” Eddie chimed in.

“Look, it’s not my fault, not entirely.”  Sonny wanted this to be over.  He was starting to lose feeling in his legs.

“Not entirely,” Vince repeated. 

“Okay, I wasn’t thinking, but I can take care of it.  I promise.”

“All right, I’ll let you off the hook.  It’s freezing in here, anyway.”

“Thank you, Vince.  I…thank you.”

“Yeah, shut up.  Eddie, get him down.”

Eddie and the other goon grabbed Sonny around the legs and lifted him up a bit, releasing the meat hook’s hold on Sonny’s jacket.  They set him on the ground, and he collapsed to the meat packing plant’s slick floor.  He’d smell like dead cow the rest of his life, but he didn’t care.  He knew how lucking he was.  It wasn’t often Vincent Spirelli, grandson of Antonio Spirelli, Godfather of the Spirelli family, let something go.  Sonny had some serious sucking up to do.

“Thank you, Vince,” Sonny said as he climbed onto shaky feet.  “Thanks for not holding me responsible.”

“Oh, I am holding you responsible, you worthless pile of dog shit.”

“But you just said…”

“I said I’m letting you off the hook, and you’re not on the hook anymore, are you?  This way you can stand on your own two feet.  Makes it more dignified for you.”

“But…but Vince.  Come on, Man.  You said…”

Sonny tried to fight tears as his pleas to Vince fell on deaf ears, ears deafened by the crack of gunfire, the last thing Sonny would ever hear.


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  1. Dan, that was great! It's obviously been a busy two days for you, so thanks for posting, late or not. And thanks for joining in the blogfest!