Friday, April 1, 2011

You Are Now Free to Move About the Alphabet

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A: April Blog Directory

istockphoto_5540474-alphabet-blocksThe following are the topics about which I’ll posting in this merry, merry month of… um… April.  In compliance with the A to Z Blogfest, each post will revolve around a different letter of the alphabet.

1st: A – April Blog Directory

2nd: B – A to Z Blogfest

3rd: Sunday – Take a Break

4th: C – Character

5th: D – Description

6th: E – eBooks

7th: F – Facebook

8th: G – Grammar

9th: H – Heavy-Handed Writing

10th: Sunday again – Listen to the Birds Sing

11th: I – Illinois vs. Indiana (not a basketball matchup)

12th: J – je ne sais quoi

13th: K – Kinetic Energy

14th: L – Literature

15th: M – Midway Point Check-in

16th: N – Non-Human POV

17th: Sunday – You have a beach near you? Go watch the sunrise over the ocean/lake/fjord/pond/inlet/reservoir

18th: O – The OED

19th: P – Self-Publishing

20th: Q – Queries (Duh!)

21th: R – Revisions

22st: S – Story Ideas

23nd: T –  Theatre as Literature

24th: Last Sunday – Have you started that garden yet?

25rd: U – Uncle Tom’s Cabin

26th: V – Villains

27th: W – People Watching

28th: X – XIII (It makes sense, trust me)

29th: Y – Yes (not the band, though that’d be cool, too)

30th: Z – Zebra*

Looking forward to you stopping by. Enjoy.

*What? It starts with “Z”.


  1. I like it! Nice idea for an "A" entry :D

  2. Clever, I can see you're taking a rather cunning approach. Will be back to see how things pan out.
    Moody Writing Blog

  3. What a fabulously clever idea for the first post!

    Ellie Garratt

  4. Great first post. Is Yes really a band? I must be in a cave.


  5. Well that was inventive :) Do you have personal experience with Zebras? :D
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  6. Considering I just returned from Oregon on Southwest, your post title amuses me!

  7. Very Clever take on the Challenge.

  8. Great list. Now I know what to expect.