Friday, April 15, 2011

I Am in Blogs Stepped in So Far…

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M: Midway Point Check-In

A-Z April[1]It’s April 15th, Tax Day (although it’s been pushed back to Monday this year). I could have used M for “Money” and written a post about it, but why bring everyone down? Besides, I took take of my taxes in January, then took care of the refund in February.

No, this is a quick first half review of the A to Z Blogfest, for which all these April posts have been written.  So far, I’ve managed to post all the letters, despite being what some people refer to as a “pantser” (not sure if I like that term).  My directory’s taken a few hits as some of the posts are not on the subject I’d originally intended.  Also, I’ve copped out a few times, posting a rerun for K and a video from Sesame Street* for I.  Still, I’m not only am I squeaking by on my letters, but I’ve written a few decent posts (if I’m allowed to say that) that I wouldn’t have otherwise considered.

On the other hand, I’ve really sucked at commenting.  I started out pretty good, but lately I’ve only managed to get to a few blogs a day, if that.  In fact, I’m backlogged on responding to the comments I’ve gotten.  I think I’m just now on the H’s.  I will get to them all, though.  Hopefully.  Maybe.  In the meantime, I offer a blanket thank you to everyone who’s commented and/or followed since this fest began.

The bottom line: I’m having a good and writing more (blogs, sure, but writing is writing), so I’d call it a success.



*yes, Sesame Street.


  1. I'd call it a success too. It's all about fun, in the end.

  2. It is daunting that is for sure.

  3. It's been fun, but getting around to everyone is tough. It takes me about 2-3 hours to get through all my blogs, and even then I'm not able to comment on every one.

    Had I not scheduled all my posts in March, I would barely have been able to get around, let alone comment.

  4. I say you've been very successful too!
    I think most people have fizzled with following and commenting - I know I have. Trying to rejuvenate myself!

  5. Commenting has become a bit overwhelming (ooo, a Monday word). Doing the best I can.

  6. I'm actually really enjoying doing these posts. These would have been cool school assignments - been so long since I've been in school.