Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Hi.  I’m back.

Why was I gone so long, you ask?  Oh, you didn’t.  Didn’t actually realize I was away?  Oh.  I see.  Hmm.  No, good, that’s…um…good.

Well, I’ll tell you anyway.  You see, I was up in my parents’ attic, and we found all this really old, really cool stuff.  Well, one thing led to another, and we found ourselves at this abandoned restaurant.  Only, it wasn’t abandoned; a gang of crooks was using it as a hideout.  Well, they discovered us, and to get away from them, we had to navigate these caves that were littered with boobie traps, and… no, wait, that’s The Goonies.  The real reason I’ve been gone?

Work and stuff.


I’ve made some changes here, streamlined a bit.  I’m trying to make it look more professional, whatever that looks like.  I hoping to increase not only my followers but my presence on the web.  I’m ambitious these days, which is a new sensation for me.  Though I’ve lacked it, I’ve always felt ambition, not talent, was the key to success.  There are a lot of talentless celebrities, but few, if any, successful types without ambition. 

I love to write, and love connecting with people particularly through my blog.  The rest of it, though, not so much.  I suck at querying, no other way to say it.  And surprisingly, I’ve not yet fallen in love with the process of actually sending out those queries.  On a good day, it’s monotonous.  On a bad day, it’s like a root canal on your soul. 

The point of the above paragraph?  Wah!  Get over it.  If it was all fun all the time, everyone’d be doing it, right*?  I’ve already taken some key steps on the road to publication (fingers crossed that they work out), and I’ve got more plans brewing.  Also, I’ve been writing again, a lot**.  What’s the opposite of “when it rains it pours”?  “When the sun shines it goes nova and we all die”?  Sure, why not.

I’ve also made changes to the content.  I’ve tried hard to keep this blog focused on writing as well as publishing in general.  I’ll still stay true to that, but writing is about experience, it’s about commentary.  It doesn’t matter if you’re writing a YA romance, or the next product off the James Patterson assembly line.  Or a science fiction tale of a girl struggling to save her planet.  We write about life in all its glory and all its hideousness, and damn it, I plan to talk about it.

I may even touch on tricky subjects like politics and religion, but don’t worry, these are basically my views:

Politics: Why can’t we all work together?  We tried the other way.  It doesn’t work.

Religion: Be nice to each other.

Anyway, the reverse of “Welcome back”.  I’ve missed you.  I’ve missed this.  Hopefully you’ll stick around for more.  And as always, thanks for listening.

Oh, and let me know if this font’s too small.

* Although doesn’t it seem, sometimes, that everyone else is doing it?  Seriously?

** For me, anyway.