Monday, October 11, 2010

Here we go...

Well, I’ve finished the pitch proposal.  Actually, I finished a few days ago, but I’ve been staring holes into it ever since.  And I’m still not convinced it can’t be better.  I’ve showed it to as many people as I can (which, sadly, is about seven or eight), and for the most part have gotten the standard “Oh, I’d read it,” response.  That’s good of course, but I lack the discerning eye of the industry professional.  Although my wife has given me surprisingly insightful feedback (surprising because she praises everything I write – not necessarily because it’s any good, but because she is wonderfully supportive).  She pointed out some repetition as well as part that don’t quite flow.  I’ve taken her opinion to heart and made some changes; hopefully it’ll be enough to generate some interest.
After that, it’s all up to the book.


  1. awe- you're lucky to have such a supportive spouse! Good luck with the proposal (I know those aren't fun to put together) but it sounds like you've got a clear idea of what needs to be done!

  2. You listen to her! If she says cut, cut; if she says keep, keep. She knows what she's talking about!